UFOs 2021: What You Need to Know From an Alien Point of View

If you’ve seen a UFO and know first-hand they exist, then the long-awaited declassified Pentagon report on UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena), collected by the Office of Naval…

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The Best Bike and Hiking Trails in Santa Barbara

Here are the best hiking and biking trails in Santa Barbara, California.

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The Marvelous Macarons of Madame Munchie

Over the past 10 years, cannabis edibles have moved far beyond the party brownie and have become formidable, culinary masterpieces. Nothing encompasses that evolutionary process…

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Kicking Off a Monster Summer with Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong has a simple title and monster-flick premise, but the action-packed battles between two legendary, skyscraper-size gargantuans are not at all formulaic.

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Big Pete’s Treats: How a Cannabis Baker’s Pipedream Became an Edible Sensation

Cookie by cookie, bite by bite, Big Pete’s Treats is winning the edible race to bake America.

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