High St Deli

High St. Market & Deli remains one of the most beloved sandwich shops in San Luis Obispo. In light of exciting news they’re expanding their operations to Los Osos-Baywood Park this Spring, TOAST takes a look inside this popular market and deli, righteously located on High St.

When they started in 1927, nearly a century ago, High St. was a general store that sold everything from milk to chewing tobacco. At that time, their store was located in what was known as the railroad district. Many railroad workers, who lived in the area with their families, would stop into High St. and pick up goods and deli sandwiches. These workers would’ve never imagined the corner store would turn into a cultural landmark, serving stacked sandos with fresh, local ingredients and a 4/20 special that unabashedly embraces cannabis culture.

Owner Randy “Doobie” Coates bought the place in 2000. Twenty-one years later, Doobie has watched his small sandwich shop thrive as society began to accept cannabis culture. He’s absolutely taken 4/20 to new heights with his High St. merchandise and the overall chill vibe around their usually busy space.

Customers are buzzing in and out, proudly decked out in their High St. gear, picking up sandos that look and feel like gift-wrapped footballs. They come in all throughout the day to pick up their breakfast, daily specials and sandos on their standing menu. If they have the munchies or generally large appetites, they can grab a large side of macaroni salad, potato salad or a stuffed avocado salad. Brand-new for Baywood Park, they’re unveiling Italian-style fried chicken sandwiches and local Hearst Ranch grass-fed beef burgers.

There are plenty of great sandos to choose from. One of their most popular sandos is the Dutch Punch (smoked turkey, extra bacon, jalapeño havarti, red onion, tomato, romaine, avocado, chipotle mayo on Dutch crunch), which has a good amount of heat and a ridiculous amount of flavor in every bite. Or try the Highzenburger (homemade meatloaf, bacon, melted cheddar, chipotle mayo, BBQ sauce, the works, romaine, on a toasted brioche bun) if you’re looking for a more smokey and savory taste.

But the daily specials are truly out of this world. Visit their website and social media for their daily specials. Chances are every daily special is going to take your tastebuds on an extraterrestrial trip through the stars. One look at the lengthy list of mouth-watering ingredients per sando will make you smash that order button. And once you realize that from 4:20 – 5:30 p.m. any day you can grab one of those bad boys for only $6.99, you’ll be flying High St. in no time.

High St. Deli is located on 350 High St. in San Luis Obispo and 1326 2nd St. in Los Osos-Baywood Park. Online orders are strongly encouraged at www.highstdeli.com.