Grammy-nominated American Jewish reggae singer and rapper Matisyahu is bringing his 16th annual Festival of Light concert tour to the west coast for the first time this year.

The announcement comes on the heels of releasing his celebratory anthem “Chameleon” (feat. Salt Cathedral) from his forthcoming self-titled album (arriving March 4), Matisyahu will be performing close to the Central Coast at the Golden State Theater in Monterey on Saturday, Dec. 4. Click here to purchase tickets.

Festival of Light will start at the beginning of Hanukkah (Nov. 28) with the tour kicking off in Brooklyn, New York before heading to California. Launched in 2005, the Festival of Light tour is widely considered to be a stalwart attraction for Matisyahu. 2005 was also the year Matisyahu made his career debut with his hit song “King Without a Crown,” introducing the world to an artist who celebrated his faith with a fun, joyous combination of reggae, rap and beatboxing. Since then, Matisyahu has sold over 5 million career physical albums, with over 500 million total career streams across all global platforms. Some of Matisyahu’s other hits include “One Day” and “Live Like A Warrior.”

The tour is an extension of Matisyahu in how it celebrates Orthodox Jewish and Hanukkah tradition. The event will feature Matisyahu’s iconic Dreidel Mirror Ball menorah lighting jam.

Listen to “Chameleon” below: