If you have accidentally picked up this magazine, we want to assure you it’s not by accident. There are no accidents in a world where everything is possible if you can imagine it, and we have imagined TOAST – and made it real. What is TOAST? TOAST is a fresh, groundbreaking California fusion of entertainment journalism with a fresh perspective on what defines entertainment in 2021.

People have been spending more time at home, watching TV and movies, computing, playing videogames and listening to music, as well as searching for the best take-out, the best hiking trails and, yes, the best cannabis, because it’s that and more – it’s a full-blown lifestyle, a smooth blending of seemingly disparate elements merged under one cultural umbrella.

TOAST sees no difference between videogames and a good sandwich, between movies and munchies, between music and cannabis, or any combination of amusements you can think of or imagine. They’re all intertwined, it’s all entertainment, and they’re all things you can do from home while waiting for the world to return to something like normal.

Even after the world opens up again, whether you’re home or away, TOAST will carry forward the ways the world has changed and changed us for the better, and continue to reflect the ever-expanding world of home entertainment, forged by necessity in hard times, with an eye to the future.

TOAST has firmly anchored itself to the entertainment and information platform by bringing cannabis into the equation – not just to laugh at it, with it and on it, but to inform consumers as well as entertain them on a subject of major importance to many of us, one we actually know so little about.

What we do know is that cannabis is a game-changer. It makes life better. It enhances the taste of good food, good company, a movie, a walk on the beach, the view of the ocean from the mountains. It centers you and brings a calm, a place of inner peace, and stimulates you mentally and creatively, as well as producing essential beneficial treatments and medications. TOAST also aims to enhance your life, feeding you the kind of brain food that curious minds seek to make their day brighter. As a result, our news and features are infused with an intense combination of live-affirming elements that may evoke a positive chemical response in some readers.

It is also no accident that TOAST is launching during the 50th anniversary of 420. We are clearly aligning with the stars for good luck.

Happy 4/20!

The Publisher