Welcome aboard the mothership of Unidentified Flying Magazines! As the cover suggests, our Summer issue is dedicated to a day at the beach on Earth, as captured by retro-futuristic surrealism artist Eden Redpath.

We would like to thank you for the overwhelming response to the premiere issue of TOAST. Like good smoke and edibles, good food and drink, TOAST is apparently something people can get comfortable with overnight, and we wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to our participating dispensaries, our readers and new friends discovering TOAST for the first time.

The creativity channeled through TOAST has always been there waiting for this moment to arrive, but recreational cannabis was only legalized in California in 2016, so people can understand why it took so long for TOAST to rise from 100 years of cannabis suppression to crash the grass ceiling of an opening society. We actually owe the suppressors a vote of thanks, because it’s their suppression that has given birth to this cannabis-infused renaissance of creativity. For were it not for the tough times there would have been nothing to change, no obstacles to surmount and, of course, no TOAST. With the unleashing of cannabis as a force, it is now more possible than ever to change old opinions, raise awareness, even change laws, and we expect the future will deliver an even greener, ever-waving field of better tomorrows.

So keep on growing!

This summer is extra special to TOAST and our readers because of everything it took to get here. It’s a cautiously upbeat moment in time, a time of recovery, renewal, and a resurgence of hopes and dreams. Yet we are returning to a life that is different from the one we left behind a year ago, and we have changed along with it. The Earth has changed too, because it is a living entity, possessing consciousness and a soul that has a say in the matter of how we treat it. So don’t wait to do your part this summer to help your home planet and speed your own personal renewal. After all, Mother Earth holds all the keys to your future, the one you’re dreaming up right now to make this extraordinary Summer of ‘21 one to remember.The Publisher