Pure Lyfe Delta8-THC Infused White CBG FlowerFor people who are interesting in trying cannabis, there is some hesitation due to how they might be personally affected by psychoactive effects. This is where hemp comes in, particularly the white CBG flower. White CBG has grown in popularity because of its subtle flavor profile and smooth effects, Pure Lyfe’s Delta8-THC infused version of that adds a moderate but refreshing amount of euphoria.

Users of the Delta8-THC infused CBG white flower have reported being productive, focused and calm during day and nighttime activities without inducing sleep. This hemp flower is the perfect starting point for people who are looking to unwind but remain clear-headed without the strong and sometimes unpredictable effects of cannabis. Pure Lyfe’s Delta8-THC infused CBG white flower comes with the OG KUSH terpene profile, which is a smell that rates highly among both hemp and cannabis connoisseurs. The flower is hand-rolled and densely packed with Delta8-laden CBG Kief, which is pure powder crystals the plant naturally produces. The result is a deliciously sticky bud that is best smoked with a bong, but can also be consumed by vape, pipe, joint or a blunt.

The Lexington, Kentucky-based Pure Lyfe goes through a rigorous quality assurance process that includes USDA organic certification and scientific verification to ensure each supplement they offer promotes functional benefits such as stress relief, relaxation, healthy sleep habits and recovery from exercise. The Delta8-THC oil is made with from USDA organic hemp and cured for a perfectly smooth stroke. All of Pure Lyfe’s Delta-8-THC products are under 0.3% Delta-9 THC, which is legal in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

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