Listening to the Weed + Grub podcast is like hanging out with two wonderfully stoned friends who enjoy discovering new adventures from the smaller things in life – and somehow you end up learning about something you never knew you wanted. Conversations between Emmy-nominated comedian Mike Glazer and cannabis culture writer Mary Jane Gibson are a charmingly improvisational trip that feels like a modern-day Seinfeld infused with cannabis. It’s a show about nothing – at least that’s the impression they give at first. But Weed + Grub offers a surprising amount of depth that keeps listeners engaged throughout their entire one-hour weekly episodes.

People will know Glazer as a comedy performer and writer who wrote for the Emmy-nominated HBO show Night Of Too Many Stars, truTV’s Billy on the Street and many more. Glazer has limitless, child-like wonder about life, culture and cuisine that is infectious. He often starts the podcast with a random idea, a bit, or a story with slow-burn hilarity that makes listeners want to hear more. The heartfelt enthusiasm Glazer brings to Weed + Grub is a treat.

“You know what a party is?” Glazer rhetorically asked Gibson in their May 19 episode. “It’s a gathering of three or more people all wearing masks, standing very, very far apart from each other, looking around nervous and wishing they were back home.” Gibson added that a party was “a place where I want to leave immediately and be safe in my own home.” Glazer then described his ideal party as a swinger’s party of sorts, but with passwords for streaming services. Partygoers would return home with a stranger’s streaming service password “so [they] could stay home forever.” When Glazer allegedly offered his Hulu password (“Bigdaddy6942069”), a printer located near Gibson hilariously whirred itself to life and right on cue.

“There’s a ghost in the machine!” Gibson said.

“A horny ghost,” Glazer added.

Throughout their Weed + Grub podcast, Glazer and Gibson breezily circumnavigated the COVID-19 “new normal” with enough humor and charm to convince listeners that actual normalcy would soon return.

Gibson, who is an actress, writer and former lifestyle, entertainment and culture writer at High Times, brings to the podcast her own relatable experiences and adventures, described in hysterically vivid detail. Gibson will often steer the conversation to current events, which already lean into the absurd by default, but the discussion merrily leads to a conclusion worth laughing about. But Gibson also draws from her wealth of wisdom and journalism experience at High Times and provides a lot of resourceful information about cannabis and cannabis-related developments. Her aim, as she described to TOAST, is for listeners to be educated and entertained simultaneously with the goal of effectively countering the flawed notion that drug use should be suppressed. As Gibson put it so eloquently in Weed + Grub’s May 19 podcast, “It’s becoming clear to everyone that the ‘War on Drugs’ was a heinous, fucking lie.”

The two met after having a “let’s do lunch” lunch – the kind of lunches that almost never happen – and they bonded over dessert. “We knew we were vibin’ because of the lunch cookies,” Glazer said to TOAST. “We knew we were perfect. We dug the same menu.” It was as simple as that. But that lunch would eventually birth some of the most in-depth conversations about cuisine that anyone high would be challenged to provide.

Food is at the heart of Weed + Grub. Once they reach the crescendo of the moment when food reaches their mouth, they chew on the scenery, the texture, taste, and dive deep into every aspect of what made their culinary experience work. Gibson and Glazer will often talk about the simple joys of making delicious food at home and the hilarious experiences they have dining out. They lovingly and meticulously deconstruct the eating experience to a point that the listener could easily visualize and appreciate the food by proxy. And they really appreciate anyone sending them late-night, delicious food content.

“Please send more midnight lasagna videos!” Glazer begged Gibson at the start of Weed + Grub’s May 26 episode. Gibson piled on by describing the joy of bringing a lasagna out of the oven (“That bubble. That sizzle”). That juicy, juicy, gooey drip”). Their attention to the most satisfying details of cuisine — from preparation to plate — is guaranteed to arouse tastebuds. That stimulation is not lost on Gibson: “I feel like there’s so much that you can get away with flirting with other people by sending food pics.”

When they’re not talking cuisine, Glazer and Gibson will jump from topic to topic. They routinely discuss current events, but won’t lean in too much for it to become a sobering, meandering conversation. They often spend time digging into their limitless intellectual curiosity over the latest news and trends while routinely disclosing truths about themselves that explain why they’re so interested. None of the topics they come across are discussed without enthusiasm. In mid-May, Gibson and Glazer touched on news involving the ransomeware cyberattack of Colonial Pipeline, a pipeline carrying gasoline and jet fuel to the Southeastern U.S., which impacted computerized equipment and halted operations. This led to a temporary gas shortage that caused residents in affected areas to panic — with some residents putting gas into plastic bags. Glazer and Gibson discussed in detail the poor logistics involved in that process, which also involves a “beer bong” somehow (according to Glazer).

But their conversations occasionally become serious when they discuss cannabis news. Gibson shines when she presents her in-depth analysis and discusses how the news parlays into efforts to legalize cannabis nationwide. One notable segment in their May 19 episode addressed mental health and how the Food and Drug Administration recently authorized certain therapists to take MDMA to determine how the psychoactive drug can help treat patients with post-traumatic stress disorders. Around the end of the segment, the two expressed optimism for a better future where the medicinal benefits of drugs like MDMA are fully realized and de-stigmatized.

Weed + Grub features a number of fascinating guests with extraordinary careers. For their May 12 podcast, Weed + Grub featured Celebrity Chef Nikki, one of the most sought-after culinary entertainment chefs in the country who specializes in cannabis culinary entertainment. As creator of her company, The High-End Affair, Chef Nikki has curated dinners for some of the biggest celebrities including Dave Chappelle, Snoop Dogg and DJ Khaled. Weed + Grub also managed to sit down with guests like New York Times bestselling novelist and short story writer Roxane Gay. Gay is the author of the popular essay collection Bad Feminist, her novel An Untamed State and memoir Hunger.

“We really tried for a while to get [Roxane] onto our show,” Glazer said. “And when she said yes, we were like, ‘Oh my God. We made it!’”

Glazer and Gibson’s hope for Weed + Grub is to one day become an animated show, which makes sense because the podcast already comes to life and titillates all the senses. An animated show would be the natural step in the show’s evolution. For now, Weed + Grub is the perfect contact high you never knew you needed.

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