Montaña De Oro State Park: Hidden Gem of the Central Coast

The recent collapse of the arch at Spooner’s Cove in Montaña de Oro State Park near Los Osos made news in California, briefly exposing to the world a rare,…

2022 Celestial Event Calendar

Things are looking up in 2022 – especially if you’re looking up.

George Harrison: 50 Years of All Things Must Pass

George Harrison was more than The Beatles. When the musician released his third album All Things Must Pass over 50 years ago, he became an icon with one of the…

Matisyahu: Stepping Back Into The Light

Matisyahu defies definition. And just when anyone thinks they can define him, he changes form, evolves and moves in delightfully unexpected ways.

Netflix’s Cobra Kai Strikes Hard With a New Generation

Cobra Kai on Netflix is widely considered to be one of the most watched shows on the streaming platform, garnering a whopping 120.06 million hours of audiences…

Mike’s Barber Shop Rockin’ Deep Cuts for 80 Years

Mike’s Barber Shop in Morro Bay has 80 years of rich history. You can feel that history when you walk into the comfortably small shop at 280 Morro Bay Blvd.

Smoke Lounges Likely to Come to Grover Beach This Year

This Spring, the Grover Beach City Council will decide whether to pass an ordinance to allow smoke lounges at city-permitted dispensaries.

UFOs 2021: What You Need to Know From an Alien Point of View

If you’ve seen a UFO and know first-hand they exist, then the long-awaited declassified Pentagon report on UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena), collected by…

The Best Bike and Hiking Trails in Santa Barbara

Here are the best hiking and biking trails in Santa Barbara, California.

The Marvelous Macarons of Madame Munchie

Over the past 10 years, cannabis edibles have moved far beyond the party brownie and have become formidable, culinary masterpieces. Nothing encompasses that…

Kicking Off a Monster Summer with Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong has a simple title and monster-flick premise, but the action-packed battles between two legendary, skyscraper-size gargantuans are not at all…

Big Pete’s Treats: How a Cannabis Baker’s Pipedream Became an Edible Sensation

Cookie by cookie, bite by bite, Big Pete’s Treats is winning the edible race to bake America.

The Creative Spark Behind the Bang-Up Burgers and Desserts at Flavor Factory

Flavor Factory in Morro Bay is the place where customers can enjoy some of the juiciest, most packed burgers in California.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Packs an Emotional Punch

Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+ is an action-heavy miniseries that is not afraid to interweave comic book adventures with…

The Truth About Motherhood and Cannabis

Despite making tremendous strides in legalizing and de-stigmatizing cannabis, misconceptions remain about cannabis and how it affects motherhood.

The Race to Taste Benny’s Pizza in SLO

Ordering from Benny’s Pizza in San Luis Obispo and eating his delicious pizza is never boring.

Weed + Grub: The Cannabis-Infused Podcast That Makes You Hungry

Listening to the Weed + Grub podcast is like hanging out with two wonderfully stoned friends who enjoy discovering new adventures from the smaller things in…

Bob Dylan Turns 80 and Everybody Must Get Stoned

Bob Dylan, the most important American songwriter of the 20th century, turned 80 in May, reminding music lovers around the world of his Mt. Rushmore-size…

Summer 2021 Publishers Note

We would like to thank you for the overwhelming response to the premiere issue of TOAST.

Natural Healing Center Cannabis Dispensary Opens in Morro Bay

Natural Healing Center opened their second SLO County cannabis dispensary in Morro Bay.

Be Relaxed and Productive with Pure Lyfe Delta8-THC Infused CBG White Flower

White CBG has grown in popularity because of its subtle flavor profile and smooth effects, Pure Lyfe's Delta8-THC infused version of that adds a moderate but…

Willie Nelson Launches Virtual Cannabis Convention

Willie Nelson, one of the most widely recognized legends in country music, is launching a cannabis convention.

New York Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

New York is officially the newest state to legalize recreational marijuana for adults 21 and over.

REVIEW: Bad Trip is Worth Going On

Though the movie was shamelessly brainless, Bad Trip proves that hidden camera pranks remain a timeless and disgustingly amusing work of art.

LSD Guru Timothy Leary Escapes From the Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo 50 Years Ago

The 2020 documentary My Psychedelic Love Story is a ‘trippy’ reminder that 50 years ago last September the High Priest of LSD, Mind Expansion and Higher…

Frenchy Cannoli’s Wine-Based Scoring System for Evaluating Quality of Cannabis Concentrates

Thanks to California-based cannabis activist and teacher Frenchy Cannoli, the cannabis community now has a finer understanding of criteria for evaluating…

Interprening: Inside Cannabis

The cannabis industry is an increasingly complex and evolving marketplace because of the many innovative varieties available. One person who does a fantastic…

Greasy Wiener is Truckin’ Delicious

They may be called The Greasy Wiener, a name you don’t want to investigate too deeply on Google, but there’s nothing greasy about their solid presentation:…

The Wonders of Wandavision

Marvel Studios’ WandaVision are many shows within a show that exists within a New Jersey fictional town covered in a grief-stricken superhero’s magic. That is…

Megan Souza: Mother of SLO’s First Legal Dispensary

Megan’s Organic Market’s Megan Souza wanted to make sure her dispensary offered a motherly touch. Taking a look at her online and print ads and you see a…

High St. Deli Aims for 4/20 Opening in Los Osos

High St. Market & Deli remains one of the most beloved sandwich shops in San Luis Obispo. In light of exciting news they’re expanding their operations to Los…

Bill & Ted Face The Music: Saving The World With a Song

Many movie openings have fallen on the sword of closed theaters over the past year, and some excellent movies may have unfortunately slipped through cracks,…

TOAST Interview: Graham Farrar

Graham Farrar, the founder of leading Central Coast cannabis dispensary The Farmacy and Glass House Farms on fighting the resistance leading against the war on…

Poolside’s Silky Music Packs a Potent Punch

When L.A.-based singer/songwriter/musician/producer Jeffrey Paradise, leader of the band Poolside, connected with Bay Area custom-cannabis brand Space Coyote…

A Short History of 4/20: How The Waldos Accidentally Invented a Holiday Bigger Than Valentine’s Day

Over time, to unify and solidify what started out as a private joke and grew into a global event, 4:20 and one minute on the clock was swapped for 4/20.

Spring 2021 Publishers Note

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